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The Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR), is an international peer-reviewed academic research journal published quarterly from volume 1, Issue 1, (April-June) 2021 to volume 2, Issue 1, (Jan-March) 2022. Now (from April 2022), the main responsibility of publishing  has been taken by Nishtar Degree College and School System, Wari Dir Upper, with collaboration with the RMS and College. This is a multidisciplinary academic journal that focuses on social science miscellaneous, including but not limited to education, administration, public policy, management, psychology, philosophy, economics, and legal problems.

The Journal's primary goal is to disseminate reliable information, start a discussion in an interdisciplinary setting, and link various areas of social sciences with an emphasis on the study of cultures, attitudes, social and economic issues, businesses and societies, and recommendations for overcoming them based on primarily empirical and applied research.

This multidisciplinary research journal accepts contributions from individuals or groups of researchers as research papers, essays, applicable theoretical structures, and reviews that have contributed to developing trustworthy and authentic information in the social sciences. Policymakers and professionals, including future public and private sector executives, opinions, and policymakers involved in research and development, are among the target audience.

The JSSR also focuses on current research publishing philosophies, such as blind peer review, timely review, daily publication, open access policy, ethical policies, plagiarism policy, and broader field coverage. The Editorial and Advisory Boards are made up of some of the world's most renowned and accomplished academics and researchers in their fields.

The authors' ideas and opinions expressed in the Journal's published research papers are solely their own. They have no bearing on the RMSC and Research Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR).

For copyright and licensing, the Nishtar Degree College and School System and JSSR adopted an Open Access Policy. Researchers should properly cite the author(s), journal name, and publishing institution information to use or reproduce material from this website.

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024): WINTER 2024 (January-March)
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The Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR) is a Multidisciplinary peer-reviewed research journal recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The JSSR has started its online publication volume 1, Issue 1,  (Jan-March 2021) with Rustam Model School & College (Rustam)  Mardan as the publisher. The Journal aims to discuss all diverse Social Sciences (Miscellaneous) issues of the subjects, including (but not limited to)  Education, Management, Administration, and Law, to formulate policies and promote practices.