Charges and Submission Process

Article Processing Charges:

The Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR) is committed to providing open access to its content without imposing any financial burden on authors. We do not charge any fees for processing, submitting, or publishing manuscripts. This policy ensures that researchers and scholars from all backgrounds can contribute to and benefit from the dissemination of knowledge without any financial constraints.

Submission Process:

JSSR follows a streamlined and transparent submission process designed to facilitate the timely review and publication of manuscripts. Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts through our online submission system, which involves the following steps:

  1. Manuscript Preparation: Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the JSSR guidelines, ensuring adherence to formatting, referencing, and ethical standards.
  2. Online Submission: Authors submit their manuscripts via our online submission portal. This system requires authors to create an account, provide their manuscript details, and upload the necessary files.
  3. Initial Screening: Upon submission, manuscripts undergo an initial screening by the editorial team to ensure they meet the basic requirements and scope of the journal.
  4. Peer Review: Suitable manuscripts are then assigned to qualified reviewers for a rigorous double-blind peer review process. Reviewers provide constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement.
  5. Decision and Revision: Based on the reviewers' comments, the editorial team makes a decision on the manuscript (acceptance, minor revisions, major revisions, or rejection). Authors may be required to revise their manuscripts accordingly.
  6. Final Decision: After revisions are made, the manuscript undergoes a final review. If accepted, it proceeds to copyediting and typesetting.
  7. Publication: The finalized manuscript is published online in an open-access format, making it freely available to the global academic community.

We are dedicated to maintaining a fair, efficient, and transparent submission process to ensure the publication of high-quality research in the field of social sciences.