Ethical Statement

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Ethical Statement for the Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR)

I certify that the manuscript submitted to the Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR) is our original work on behalf of myself and all co-authors.

Title of the Manuscript: _________________________     

Author/s Name:________________________________

I/we affirm that the Journal of Social Sciences Review (JSSR) only accepts original manuscripts/articles and contents that have not been previously published and are not currently under consideration for publication in another journal. If this is discovered, the manuscript must be removed. I/we affirm that it is my/our duty to ensure that the manuscript/research report and all other data provide sufficient and adequate detail, with references cited as sources of information. If my/our report is discovered to have been submitted somewhere else at the same time, the author/s will be held liable for any legal action taken against the deceptive sources. As author/s, I/we consider ourselves collectively and separately responsible for the materials and contents provided to JSSR because we were directly involved in the original/substantive work that led to the manuscript. I/ we also confirm that the manuscript/ article has less than twenty percent plagiarism, and the individual plagiarism is not exceeded five percent.

Data fabrication and falsification penalties will be imposed if the submitted manuscript/article is found to have fabricated or falsified experimental findings, including image manipulation. The JSSR is therefore wary of papers that are duplicated. I/we affirm that my/our paper is not duplicated and that it is not involved in the improper division of study results into several publications. The article may be rejected if there is redundant content, or a request may be made to combine submitted manuscripts or correct published papers. The JSSR reserves the right to reject manuscripts containing coercive, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, fraudulent, or illegal material, with the writers bearing full responsibility.

The author/s confirm that the JSSR uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and copyright with an open access policy, and the author/s agree with the policy. The first-time publishing rights are passed to the JSSR,

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